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ADMIN 2021. 09. 28.  
   제목: How Climate Policy Will Change in 2021

How Climate Policy Will Change in 2021

A group of experts gathered to debate the prospects for the new White House administration뭩 big promises on the environment.

By Corinne Purtill

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. made action on climate change a central part of his platform during the election campaign, promising a $1.7 trillion investment in clean energy and environmental justice, net-zero emissions in the United States by 2050 and an immediate return to the Paris Agreement. He has reportedly raised the issue of climate in every congratulatory call he has accepted from world leaders, and he has pledged to make climate a focus in every federal agency so that the issue doesn뭪 end up sidelined in the daily grind of governance.

The Trump administration rolled back many Obama-era regulations and weakened the Environmental Protection Agency. Despite the polarizing rhetoric from some vocal climate deniers, addressing climate change is an issue with growing public support.

But moving ahead is anything but straightforward. Depending on the outcome of the Senate runoff elections in Georgia, Mr. Biden may face a Republican-controlled Senate suspicious of initiatives on clean energy, environmental justice or anything that could conceivably slow business growth. And climate activists who supported Mr. Biden뭩 campaign for environmental policy reasons will be watching the administration closely for signs that it is keeping to its commitments.

As part of the DealBook D.C. Policy Project, The New York Times gathered a virtual panel of experts in early December to discuss the challenges and opportunities of climate policy in 2021 and beyond.

Mr. Biden has named former Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry as a global climate envoy, placing a diplomat who helped negotiate the Paris Agreement in the awkward position of repairing the damage wrought by the United States temporary withdrawal.

The need to re-establish U.S. leadership on climate is real, said Varshini Prakash of the Sunrise Movement, an organization led by young people dedicated to fighting climate change, but so is the need to establish a powerful lobby on behalf of the climate in the heart of government:

밯hat뭩 important about this, whoever runs this office, is that it뭩 not sort of a 멵limate czar on an island situation. It is somebody with direct access to the president, who has the authority to organize every agency at their disposal, and have a seat at the table with the budget-setting process. So, it뭩 got to have real teeth and it뭩 got to be staffed with an all-star team that isn뭪 just policy experts but people who have the heart and the creativity and the political will to get this done even when we might be facing a Mitch McConnell, or somebody like that, who is really hostile to a lot of these things on the Senate side.

This approach, said Lucas Joppa, the chief environmental officer at Microsoft, would reflect that the climate is an inextricable part of daily life of every person on the planet, affecting everything from the quality of air we breathe to the availability of our water. It뭩 time to stop thinking of climate change as a single, isolated issue and instead see it as 밶 core component of everything that the government does, he said.

Excerpts articles fromThe New York Times


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