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  If the speaker makes a speech, the interpreter interprets it simultaneously in a language in which the
  participants can understand.
Simultaneous interpretation generally is used in an international conference, international seminar, symposium, academic conference, and international event in where there are many audience. Normally two people work in pairs.

  If the speaker makes a certain amount of speech, the interpreter interprets the contents she heard and
  written down right after the speech.
Consecutive interpretation is presented in the 1st person mode as if the interpreter is the speaker herself to deliver the speaker's speech directly in the official event hosting, summit talks, trade meeting, seminar, director meeting, and press conference. It is mostly used when simple interpretation is required.

  The interpreter accompanies the client and carries out simple translation or even secretarial service as
  well as interpretation.
It is generally used to escort and provide interpretation service for onsite visit of the company during trade meeting, and also during the visit of the country's leader, director of an organization, famous person, and a group of inspectors to Korea or during the overseas business trip.
Various interpretation styles are available and the type and venue of the conference such as conference interpretation and reception interpretation are also diversified.

  With the least time and locational limitation, it is a convenient interpretation style without the need for
  accompanying the interpreter in which the 3rd person listens the voice of the opponent over the telephone and interprets the contents.

  Business interpretation is the 3rd person interpretation to deliver even both party's opinion and thoughts
  as well as the communication over the business deal between the buyer and the seller. Business interpretation matches with consecutive interpretation considerably which has less limitation in its interpretation style and method.

  An interpretation used in an image conference transmitting the video and voice between more than two
  international or domestic locations. There's increasing trend recently for this image conference interpretation with high definition and clear voice quality led by the development of IT technology.